LightHouse Returns (LHR) was founded in 2006 by Kelly Whitesell. Kelly has been preparing personal income taxes since 2002. Kelly started out as a volunteer at the local senior community centers assisting with tax preparation. Kelly saw a need in the community for an affordable, yet knowledgeable tax preparation. LightHouse Returns was created in order to fulfill this need within our community.

LHR is a home based office, it has flourished and has been able to assist many clients with their income tax, budgeting and bookkeeping needs over the years.

LightHouse is more than just your income tax preparer – if there is a way, to improve your income tax and/or financial situation we will let you know. LightHouse Returns is eager to answer the questions you have about your taxes. LHR will do all, we can to ensure it is as pleasant an experience as possible.

LHR assists small businesses with their bookkeeping & budgeting needs, as well as clients who may need assistance with personal budgeting. So do not hesitate if you have a need in any of these areas.

LightHouse Returns is:

  • Authorized ERO
  • CTEC– #A146183
  • Bonded – #CA744265

Federal & State Income Taxes are required by law to be completed every year. LightHouse Returns understands many individuals live on a fixed and/or limited income and need a cost effective, yet knowledgeable, way to have their personal income tax returns prepared.

LightHouse Returns specializes in, but is not limited in anyway to the following:

  • Seniors
  • Single Parent
  • Teacher
  • College Student
  • Self Employed
  • Rental Income
  • Fixed / Low Income
  • Home Health Care Providers (IHSS)