Bring the following documents to your scheduled appointment:

  • NEW Clients – Valid Photo IDs for you, spouse and any dependent 18 and older
  • NEW Clients or New additions to the family – Social Security Card(s) for yourself and all dependents.
  • NEW Clients – A copy of last 2 years tax returns (NEW client if you have them)
  • ALL Clients – Proof of Insurance Coverage – 1095-A, B or C, if received, not required to file for this year
  • ALL Clients who believe they will receive EIC, CTC or ACTC must bring with them documentation to verify dependent lived with you.  Must show their name and taxpayer address.  Examples: School records, Medical records, Rental agreem they are named on, Child care provider statement, etc…

Documentation for all sources of income (not limited to the following):

  • W-2’s
  • 1099-R’s
  • Social Security Benefits Form SSA-1099
  • Interest – 1099-INT
  • Dividends – 1099-DIV
  • Capital Gains – 1099-B or S
  • 1099-MISC
  • Unemployment compensation – 1099-G
  • W-2G – gambling winnings
  • Canceled Debt – 1099-C

Documentation & Information for Expenses (not limited to the following):

Are you or your spouse self-employed?  Yes / No
If yes provide the totals for the following, that apply:

  • Total income from 1099-MISC and receipts
  • Do you drive your vehicle for work?
  •     Total miles used & total miles used for work
  •     Date you started using vehicle for work
  •     Parking and toll fees work related
  • Expenses for work (examples of just a few, bring totals for ALL expenses.)
  •    Professional Fees / Licenses
  •    Education / Training
  •    Travel / Food / Entertainment
  •    Advertising
  •    Cleaning Supplies / Repairs / Maintenance
  •    Equipment / Furniture / Rental Space
  •    Utilities / Cell Phone (for Work) / Internet
  •    Office Supplies / Postage / Software
  •    Inventory, Credit Card Processing Fees
  •    Work Clothes / Tools
  •    Sub-Contractors, bring W-9s, if required to report

 Did you or your spouse sell any stocks?  Yes / No
If yes provide the following:  1099-B, Purchase/Inherited date and cost basis, if not included with 1099-B

Did you sell your primary residential home?  Yes / No
If yes provide the following:  1099-S, Purchase/Inherited date and cost basis, if not included with 1099-S, Date and amount for upgrades made to home

Did you pay for child/dependent care?  Yes / No
If yes provide the following:  Name of company/provider, address, contact number, SSN/EIN, Amount Paid for each dependent

Did you have a mortgage payment and/or high out of pocket medical expenses?  Yes / No
If yes provide the following, that apply:

  • Mortgage Interest Form – 1098 / Real Estate/Property taxes paid
  • Vehicle renewal registration form
  • Gambling Losses
  • Donations receipts / Volunteer miles
  • Amount paid for tax preparation
  • Uncovered REQUIRED work related expenses / Union dues
  • Medical/Dental Expenses
  •    Insurance premiums
  •    Doctor co-pay
  •    Prescriptions, Labs, X-ray, ambulance
  •    Glasses, hearing aids & batteries, walkers, etc…
  •    Medical Miles

Did you rent?  Yes / No
If yes provide the following:  Landlord/Complex name, address, contact number

Did you pay for tuition and fees for higher education for yourself, spouse or dependants?  Yes / No
If yes provide the following:  1098-T provided by school, total for all qualified expenses

Did you or your spouse pay student loan interest?  Yes / No
If yes provide the following:  1098-E provided by loan company

Did you receive any K-1s from Partnerships/Corporations?  Yes / No
If yes provide the following:  All K-1s

Did you or your spouse pay/receive alimony?  Yes / No
If yes provide the following:  Name, Amount and SSN of person

Did you or your spouse contribute to a Roth and/or Traditional IRA?  Yes / No
If yes provide the following:  Type, amount contributed, whose account

Did you make quarterly estimated payments to the IRS/State?  Yes / No 
If yes provide the following: Paid to, date and amount paid

If you qualify for a refund would you like to receive it through direct deposit?  Yes / No
If yes provide the following:  Check for the account you wish to have funds deposited

This is only a list of the most common deductions, so if you have received or have something not on this list please bring it with you to your appointment.

Contact LHR to set up your appointment or if you have any questions.  
Call/Text: 760-807-5909